Simple Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

Today we’ve had our light and summery roast chicken salad tea alfresco. It was delicious and we were feeling very virtuous

Roast chicken and mustardy low fat potato salad

 but a few hours later, well 1 hour later, we all wanted some pudding! What do you make when you’ve not much time, using only what you’ve got in and you need to satisfy that need for something naughty … Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies of course – easy, quick(ish) and deeply satisying. 

I had a quick look on Pinterest well to be honest I was already on there, when am I not!?  I’d already pinned this stunning looking brownie recipe 

One Bowl Brownies | Jen's Favorite Cookies
Fab recipe from Jen’s Favourite Cookies

 and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly – no need to weigh anything coz its all measured using cups and it all goes into one bowl – simples. I tweaked the recipe a little bit – swapped out 2 tbsp of flour for cocoa and i swirled 4oz of softened cream cheese on top because DS had eaten all the chocolate spread. 
It came out of the oven looking so lovely I had to pictures to show you! DS was not impressed at having to wait for his naughty treat to have a photo shoot before he could taste it and was quite vocal .. bless !

my version – delish!

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