Budget Bakes: DIY Wedding Cake Tips & Tricks

I found this great post from One fab day and thought I’d share it with you. If you are thinking about your budget and don’t want to spend a fortune on the cake then these are some great ideas and the best place to start.

Seeing as all the brides I know are on the DIY wedding buzz, we thought we should examine one of the most accessible ways to add that personal touch to the day – a DIY Wedding Cake. In theory this is a straightforward DIY but In reality, preparing your own wedding cake can be a tricky proposition as you are in a time-crunch; only able to prepare the cake a couple of days before the wedding. To ensure your cake is a success we have some helpful DIY Wedding Cake Tips & Tricks

How to DIY Your Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers | www.onefabday.com

Before you Bake Your Own Wedding Cake

Even if you are a fantastic baker, making your own wedding cake can be an extra stress you just don’t need in the run up to the big day. Be realistic, and before you start bookmarking recipes, ask yourself a few important questions (and be honest!)…

  • How experienced are you at baking? Have you made the cake many times before, or is this an experiment?
  • How many hours of baking, and crucially, decorating, time will you need?
  • Do you have that amount of time in the days before the wedding, when things are  going to be crazy-busy?
  • Can you make a comeback from burned fruit cake, runny fondant or sticky sugar flowers?
  • Do you have all the baking supplies and tools available to you and if not, how much will it cost to buy it all?
  • Make sure to always have a back-up plan – things happen, no matter how skilled you are at baking.

How to DIY Your Wedding Cake with Cake Toppers | www.onefabday.com
How to DIY Your Wedding Cake with Cake Toppers | http://www.onefabday.com

Ask for Help from Family or Friends

Even if you are a great baker you’ll inevitably have a lot of other planning and organising to do before your wedding so why not ask a talented baker pal or family member to help out. Here are some guidelines if you decide to…

  • If they are not confident enough to take on your entire wedding cake ask them to make a mixture of their favourite cakes to go on display for a dessert table
  • You could also ask a number of your guests to bring along some of their finest home-baked goodies to add to the table
  • If you have an idea in your head of the style of cake you want send them on some images or share a pinterest board so that you’re both on the same page
  • Even DIY wedding cakes can work out pricey so be realistic and don’t ask for anything OTT
  • Ask your venue if it’s ok to bring in homemade cake, there are rules and regulations around this so best to ask before any baking begins
  • Don’t forget about transporting the cakes to your venue – have a plan in place, especially if the cake/cakes are of a delicate nature

How to DIY Your Wedding Cake with Accessories | www.onefabday.com
How to DIY Your Wedding Cake with Accessories | http://www.onefabday.com

Fabulous DIY Decorations for Wonderful Wedding Cakes

So you (or a friend/family member) are baking the cake, and making sure that it’s yummy, but don’t forget that it has to look as good as it tastes. Depending on your wedding colour palette, look ortheme, there are lots of easy ways to jazz up a shop-bought or homemade wedding cake. Here are some of our favourites…

  • Fresh Flowers: Ask your florist for some extra blooms that tie in with your colour scheme to be added to the cake
  • Classic Wedding Cake Pillars: Little pillars that go in between the layers can be store bought and add that traditional wedding cake touch
  • Go Metallic: Spray your cake with metallic spray paint  like one of these shimmery metallic cakes
  • Hand-Paint your Cake:  This is not for the amateur, but if you’re a talented artist then something you could have a go at – check out our post on hand-painted wedding cakes for some inspiration
  • Ribbon: Tie some ribbon in with your chosen colours – a simple but elegant touch. Check out Vibes & Scribes or The Party Parlour for a good selection
  • Cake Toppers, Flags & Bunting: From classic couple toppers to cute animal cake toppers, cake flags and bunting – check out Project Party for some great options
  • Make your own Decorations for the cake with beautiful cut-outs or moulds, or add cute ornaments, teacups or funky bow ties
  • Sugar Decorations: Find sugar craft flowers  and gum-paste at Decobake and The Crafters Basket
  • Cake Stands: Hire or buy a gorgeous cake stand (Tiger often have great inexpensive ones) – this will give even the simple home-made or shop-bought cake a very pretty touch.

DIY Wedding Cake Secret – Shop-Bought!

If you don’t feel confident enough to tackle the cake but still want to cut costs why not consider a shop-bought cake?  Marks and SpencersAsda and Tesco all now have a great selection of plain white iced fruit cakes, or more alternative wedding cake options.

So, what do you think?  Are you going to DIY your wedding cake or rope in a talented friend or family member? Anyone have any tips or ideas to share?

Image Credits:

DIY Cake Table Darek Smietana via One Fab Day | Cake with tassels and fresh flowers Anne Claire Brun via One Fab Day | Pink butter cream cake with flowers Christina Brosnan via One Fab Day | White cake with fresh peach rose décor Lani Elias Fine Art Photography via Best Friends for Frosting | White and gold striped cake Karen Buckle Photography via Style Me Pretty | White cake with red heart cake topper Crystal K Martel Photography via Style Me Pretty | Yellow cake with cut out illustrations and banner topper Samm Blake via Swooned Magazine | Gold metallic cake with gold scripted cake topper via Wedding Chicks | White and gold cake with painted apple decor Greg Finck via Style Me Pretty | White wedding cake with vintage tea-cup topper Karma Hill via Wedding Chicks | Wedding cake with bow tie decor via The Cake Blog

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Wedding Favours? yes or no?

Ok, so I admit I’m biased but I think that wedding favours are awesome and no wedding is complete without something yummy or cute for the guests.

The other view is that

they represent an unnecessary waste of a precious wedding budget that could really be more wisely spent elsewhere or donated to charity.


Bah humbug! I just don’t agree, they don’t have to be expensive or over the top just a little something that shows your guests you took a little time to include them in your special day. Wedding favours can be really budget friendly, double them up as place settings and you get 2 for 1. 13076613_1041301255925338_8723995022879550650_n

And as a guest, a wedding favour makes you feel truly part of the big day… even better if its something scrummy to eat. Whether its a personalised, beautifully decorated cake pop for everyone at the wedding breakfast or  50 chocolate dipped rice crispy hearts for a candy buffet, I love making wedding favours and knowing how much they will be enjoyed by the lucky guests!

I’ve re-posted the following wedding favour inspiration from Rock My Wedding .. it’s a great round-up of all the different kinds of favours and will give you loads of ideas of what lovely treat to wow your wedding guests with.

As ever, enjoy your wedding planning (it all goes by so quickly!), and I look forward to your ideas and comments

all my love

Adele xx


g3371  This week’s inspiration post is a contentious one.

Contentious because what I’m about to show you has often divided folks into two camps – those that believe and those that don’t.

I’m talking about wedding favours folks.For some of you, these dinky gifts are a sweet (and essential) way of demonstrating your thanks to your guests as well as continuing/supporting your wider wedding theme.

For others they represent an unnecessary waste of a precious wedding budget that could really be more wisely spent elsewhere or donated to charity.

I can appreciate both sides of the argument. Honestly I really can. I’ve attended several weddings this year – some bedecked with favours and some without. Whilst it was exciting to discover customised offerings left at our place settings, I didn’t feel that there was something missing at those weddings where they weren’t provided. Perhaps this is because I understand the financial reasons behind not offering a favour. Maybe a favour-less wedding is swiftly becoming the norm with modern weddings. Either way I don’t feel bereft when I come away from a wedding without a little gift.

Image via Bobbette and Belle

As a girl steeped in tradition and who has a penchant for Time Team however (incidentally I’m happy to accept any box-sets of the series if there’s any going spare) there was no doubt that I was going to include favours in the wedding budget. I’ve enjoyed hunting the most perfect examples of these gifts down and they’ll look amazing as part of the wider wedding decor.

In fact I spent much of yesterday sourcing the final touches for the favours and I’m confident that they’ll look fabulous; I can’t wait to share them with you.

In the meantime I wanted to show you gorgeous lot the variety of options available to you on the favour front.

It’s not just about sugared almonds you know…

Foodie Heaven

The majority of favours that I’ve been the lucky recipient of have been food-related. You name it, I’ve had it – we’re talking macaroons, sweets, jam and honey, even sloe gin. All utterly delicious of course.

Hell, I even toyed with the idea of giving our guests one of those tea flowers that blooms when you pour water over it just because they look so pretty at a place setting. The boy put his foot down (AGAIN!) so we haven’t ventured down this path. Shame really – they would have looked epic!

The fact remains, I love a good food favour…

So, it seems, do a lot of modern brides.

Lately I’ve seen everything from flavoured salts, savory popcorn, cookies and milk, pears and even specially picked tea.

I so would have liked to have been a guest at each of these weddings.


Perhaps you’re having your nuptials at Christmas, if so why not provide your nearest and dearest with a homemade favour with a tin of a mulled wine mix and an individual mince pie. Alternatively if you’re having a summer affair, a tiny punnet of fresh strawberries would look adorable in a customised paper bag.

Foodie favours look particularly striking when stored en mass and can actually help form part of your overall wedding decor. Don’t feel obliged to place these treats at guests’ place settings, instead display them wherever you feel they will be shown off to their maximum advantage.

For example why not encourage your guests to sign your guestbook by placing your gifts for them next to it. They can express their love for you and pick up their token of affection in return, all at the same time.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone…

Created With Love

We’ve established that wedding favours are not necessarily top of every bride to be’s agenda. When you consider the financial cost involved in providing a gift to every guest at an average wedding then we’re looking at a fairly sizable sum of money so we understand why some prefer to by-pass this tradition altogether.

At RMW we’ve noticed that more couples are opting for double duty wedding favours, creating personalised treats for their guests that double up as a place name too. Not only is this kind on the pocket but folks then feel honoured that you’ve taken the time and effort to really provide something special for them on your big day.

For a truly unique and DIY approach think about customising the packaging of your favour or creating a unique twist on a classic such as a bespoke scented candle custom made by you and your beau.

If your wedding budget doesn’t quite stretch to providing a little something to each and every attendee why not assemble bespoke welcome packs for your most treasured guests particularly if they have travelled a long way.

You could include edible treats, a map, a bottle of something special and a list of recommended places to visit/ things to do all bundled together in a customised cotton bag and leave it in their hotel for them to discover on their arrival.

Exciting or what?!

Sweet Tooth

Whilst we’ve covered the food favour already in this post, I did want to dedicate a special inspiration board to sweet and baked goods purely because there’s just so blinking many of them.

Cookies, cakepops, mini versions of the wedding cake, macaroons, lollipops, sweeties, cupcakes and chocolate bars, the list goes on and on and on.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me, then I’m sure that you will have let out a little squeal of glee when you discover a confectionery treat glinting at you as you take your seat at the wedding breakfast.

Ladies there are just so many options available to you that you’ll drive yourselves round the bend trying to choose just one. So take my advice, why not have them all…

No I’m serious. Here at RMW HQ we’ve noticed an increasing number of brides hosting a ‘food station’ on their big day as their gift to their guests. I love the idea of a ‘make your own midnight snack’ which could range from anything from s’mores to a popcorn bar.

Alternatively a dessert table is a wonderfully modern take on the traditional wedding favour too. I’d suggest stacking pre-wrapped cellophane packages of treats for guests to take away in case they’re still feeling a little full from earlier indulgences.

Modern brides are on the whole more socially conscious than their forebears. And with this improved moral compass comes a raft of eco-friendly wedding favour ideas. We’re seeing an increased use of recycled materials and natural components such as seed gifts in brown paper packages customised with a sweet message from the couple themselves.

My favourite keepsake though is of little plants bedded in terracotta or antiqued pots, lovingly placed at each table setting. Not only will they live on after the wedding day is long over but they’ll add interest and a vibrancy to the tablescape at the reception itself.

If that isn’t a reason to integrate favours into your day then I don’t know what is.

Beautifully Wrapped

I’m a girl that loves details.


So I LOVE it when a couple really take time over how they choose to package a favour as much as the gift itself. In fact the key to a really successful gift owes a great deal to how it is presented because of the part this plays in the overall experience. The suspense, the intrigue, the care; we love it all.

So I implore you folks to really let your creative juices flow.

If your gift is a boxable or baggable affair, consider choosing a more unusual container to store it in. Using customised cotton pouches or even mini brown paper bags tied with raffia and string really take a conventional gift to the next level.

Alternatively, wrapping penny sweets or mini chocolate bars in luxurious paper and finishing them off with coloured string is a fantastic way of introducing a dollop of luxury to an everyday offering without breaking the bank – you can even colour code the packing materials so that it matches your wedding scheme too.

Lastly use decadent fabric and ripped strands of thick silk ribbons, interesting textures and colours for a luxe effect; contrast is always good too. Think about introducing your monograms in a sticker format as if you have one as a final touch.

So what do you think?

Are you giving your guests favours? Will they be food related or a DIY affair?

Or are you completely non-plussed by the favour agenda? Perhaps you think it’s all a waste of time.

As always lovelies, we want to hear your opinions on the matter.

All my love Lolly xxx



Cake Hire & Fake Cake

Now for something completely different …. hire your wedding cake … yep you read that right! The last few weddings I have been to there’s been some kind of issue with cutting the cake, either the venue won’t do it or it’s been done so late no-one gets a piece. It’s almost as if it wasn’t for the obligatory ‘cut the cake’ photo opportunity then tons of couples wouldn’t bother with a cake at all. But there has to be something resembling a wedding cake at a wedding or else it’s not a wedding! So I’ve come up with a couple of solutions :

14484738_1079301998783988_990603670613312901_nFake Cake Solution

Feed your wedding guests dessert, a candy buffet, cupcakes or cake pops and have a fake wedding cake  – covered in white chocolate and decorated simply either with ribbon or fresh flowers – it’ll look the part and nobody will be able to tell the difference. Contact us for more info and prices.

Cake Hire Solution

14522781_1079302085450646_8887735261569054433_nI have created a massive 5 tier fake wedding cake covered in white chocolate which I can fill with cake pops for your guests to help themselves. It’s available to hire for £50.


What do you think of our 2 new lines in cake fakery? As ever we would love to read your comments

xx Adele


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Bridal Shoot at Dorfold Hall, Nantwich

Beautiful Wedding photo shoot for Inspiration

Cheshire Wedding Hair & Make up Blog

Bridal Shoot at Dorfold Hall, Nantwich Photography by Jade Osborne, hair by Gill Roslan at Kreative Hairdressing, make up by Sarah Dunn, dresses from Lillya Grace Bridal Nantwich, Flowers by Flowers by Breige and models Megan Goodswen and Christie Goodswen

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5 Wedding Favours (your guests will actually want)

I’m not saying your guests won’t be thrilled with an organza bag of sugared almonds (but they won’t) but wouldn’t it be fab to thank them for sharing your day with something cute or scrummy.

Cake Pops

These yummy balls of cake are inexpensive to buy and can be customised to your wedding colours – make them as cute, vintage or glitzy as you like. Have them cello wrapped with a thank you tag or personalised with your guests names and then they double up as a place marker. If you want to add a really unique touch to your wedding day have them decorated with sugar flowers and incorporate them into your table centres. Order them here

Sweetie Rolls

These pretty mint wedding favours are customisable and can be found on Etsy. With a little bit of crafty skill they could inspire a DIY option using any sweets in a roll (I’m thinking Rolo’s – yum!)


I love these adorable little books with their rustic style pencil. Both are available from confetti and quite reasonably priced. Check out this blog for a showcase of tons of different wedding favour bit and bobs and how to put them together to create your own unique big day finishing touches.


Wedding favour scented personalised candles from Not On The High Street a really elegant and luxury option but with a price tag to match – may be best suited to a smaller number of wedding guests.

Sweetie Jars

Easily customisable and a great DIY option, sweetie jars are brill for creating a personal wedding favour. 
Add a name tag and these jazzies in glass jars could also double up as a place marker. 
 Fill them up with whatever you fancy (how about your own personalised m&ms

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Exceptionally Easy Chocolate Cheesecake (no baking required)

A very rare thing happened the other day, my lovely wife ventured into the kitchen and offered to help me with my baking backlog – not to make me a brew and not to load or unload the dishwasher – to actually help bake! Knowing how much she hates doing anything with food other than eating it, I was totally gob-smacked and supremely grateful. So, mindful of her ability and knowledge I asked her to prepare the biscuits for the tiffin and I gave her a rolling pin, three packets of rich tea and a huge bowl but unfortunately no instructions. Stupid, stupid me. Before I knew it the biscuits were mere crumbs and my wife had a huge grin ‘I really enjoyed that’ she said – I went nuts – I couldn’t stay calm – I had so much left to bake, no biscuits left and tiffin is my bestseller. I, not very calmly, explained that the reason I was so cross was that tiffin needs biscuits to be broken into small pieces, like almond size, not crumbs and my poor, much better half’s face just crumpled. The more upset she got the more of an arse I felt. Especially when she explained that she’d seen our son do the very same thing a few days ago so she was just copying – bless – he was helping me make cheesecake! Trying to rescue the situation (and the biscuits) I promised that I would make something lovely with the crumbs and that her hard work wasn’t in vain and I wasn’t really cross! Much! 

Really, the best option when you have spare biscuit crumbs and a sad wife is cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake. so that’s what I made and wow was it yummy!

The Recipe

The Base

200g Biscuit crumbs – I had rich tea but I usually use digestives and you can use shortbread
2 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp icing sugar
150g melted butter

Mix all together in this order and press into a cling film lined  8″ loose bottom cake or flan tin and freeze while you make filling.

The Filling

400g softened full fat cream cheese
1 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla 
200g melted chocolate – I used half milk and half plain
Mix all together in this order and spread over the base. freeze for 30 mins (you should be able to remove the cheesecake safely from the tin at this point) and then chill for another 30 mins or until ready to eat.

 Before freezing I topped my cheesecake with some of my left over Tiffin chocolate fudge mixture but you could use any chocolate glaze or ganache – something that sets enough to cut cleanly but not too much to not cut well.   

Then eat … Enjoy. 

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Simple Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

Today we’ve had our light and summery roast chicken salad tea alfresco. It was delicious and we were feeling very virtuous

Roast chicken and mustardy low fat potato salad

 but a few hours later, well 1 hour later, we all wanted some pudding! What do you make when you’ve not much time, using only what you’ve got in and you need to satisfy that need for something naughty … Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies of course – easy, quick(ish) and deeply satisying. 

I had a quick look on Pinterest well to be honest I was already on there, when am I not!?  I’d already pinned this stunning looking brownie recipe 

One Bowl Brownies | Jen's Favorite Cookies
Fab recipe from Jen’s Favourite Cookies

 and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly – no need to weigh anything coz its all measured using cups and it all goes into one bowl – simples. I tweaked the recipe a little bit – swapped out 2 tbsp of flour for cocoa and i swirled 4oz of softened cream cheese on top because DS had eaten all the chocolate spread. 
It came out of the oven looking so lovely I had to pictures to show you! DS was not impressed at having to wait for his naughty treat to have a photo shoot before he could taste it and was quite vocal .. bless !

my version – delish!

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