Inspiration Series: Chocolate Brown, Gold and Green Theme

So, continuing on from the previous Argentine Embrace post, this post is about the inspiration behind my new Rustic Glamour collection. I’ve been looking on pinterest and wedding blogs for a while for new wedding cake pop ideas and to see what the most popular colours are for brides. I kept seeing mood boards around a woodsy, country theme with lots of chocolate brown and forest green. Like this one from

I love the rich colours and earthy textures and of course anything chocolate is going to be loved by me! At first I was thinking of designing rustic cake pops with a plain matt chocolate finish topped with chopped nuts, probably lovely green pistachios …. something like this …

But as much as I thought they’d be yummy and fit the theme I just didn’t think they really went well with the other wedding collections which are much more sophisticated and glamorous. After seeing some stunning gold themed inspiration boards I decided to add gold to the brown and green tones and cobbled together a mood board of my own from everything I’d seen and loved. ( If you’re looking to make a board of your own or want to be inspired by colour take a look at The Perfect Palette – their boards are simply beautiful and its really easy to use.)

Row 1: a, The Perfect Palette b, c, The Perfect Palette d, Things Festive  
Row 2: a, Things Festive b, The Perfect Palette c, The Knot d, The Perfect Palette
Row 3: a, The Perfect Palette b, The Perfect Palette
Row 4: a, b,The Invite Site c, The Perfect Palette 
Row 5: a, b, and c  Things Festive

And what did all these beautiful inspiring pictures lead to? 
 The Rustic Glamour  Cake Pop Collection
So? What do you think? I’m pleased with them – I feel like I achieved a good combination of the earthy rustic colours of chocolate brown and forest green with a more glitzy feel that I think U.K. brides will prefer.  

DelliPops Cakery Cake Pop Mood Board

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Inspiration Series: Black and White Wedding with Red Details

I thought it might be a good post to show you first my inspiration and then the wedding collection It inspired me to design. I was blown away by a photo shoot featured on The Wedding Chicks Blog and my starting point was the inspiration board I made from their photos.
And this led to ….
 Argentine Embrace 

So what do you think? Comments gratefully received!
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A Free DelliPop of Your Very Own!

Come and see us at our very first wedding fayre on 22nd April and you’ll be able to sample our yummy balls of cakey goodness! The event is taking place at Nantwich Civic Hall, Nantwich, Cheshire from 10.30 till 3pm. We will have lots of different styles and themes to inspire your wedding day, from Upsidelli Wedding Favours to a stunner of a Chocolate Covered Tiered Wedding Cake as well as tons and tons of DelliPops, our handmade cake pops. DelliPops Cakery will be offering our happy couples a discount on orders placed at the fayre.
Be sure to check out Keedays, the event organisers for more info about the day which includes a bridal catwalk, live music and a Bride of the Year competition.
We cant wait to see you there!

What do you get a mum who has everything?

 DelliPops of course! What about an edible bouquet of DelliPops?
I’ve got a few ideas if anyone would like to treat their mummy to a yummy treat! I’m thinking £20 for 15 cake pops decorated with flowers in a vase or plant pot interspersed with a few silk flowers?

This is a stunner from Silicone Moulds, very impressive and would also make an amazing table centre for a garden party or similar themed wedding 

this is a more simplified version by 
Mine are going to be somewhere between the two I’ll post pics as soon as I can.