Oh my! I’m so thrilled with the photos from this smash cake shoot – Thank you so much to little Betsan the cutie pie model and Celynnen Photography

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Ready To Pop!

I’ve just had the pleasure of making yummy cake pops for a mummy to be for her baby shower .. I think they came out great and I don’t just do weddings, I’ve done Christenings, Birthdays, Hen Parties but a Baby Shower is a new one for me.

Everyone was really pleased with them so I thought I’d work on a range … What do you think?

Bloomin’ Marvelous Baby Shower Cake Pops
Ready To Pop Gender Neutral Baby Shower Cake Pops
Ready to Pop Girl Baby Shower Cake Pops
Ready To Pop Boy Baby shower Cake Pops

Scrummy cake pops for your baby shower … Bloomin’ Marvelous and Ready to Pop. Chocolate covered balls of cake in either girl or boy colours or gender neutral if the sex is unknown. All can be personalised with custom tags with your name, surname, baby name, baby shower date or a different design of your own choice. Order yours here or drop us a line

5 Wedding Favours (your guests will actually want)

I’m not saying your guests won’t be thrilled with an organza bag of sugared almonds (but they won’t) but wouldn’t it be fab to thank them for sharing your day with something cute or scrummy.

Cake Pops

These yummy balls of cake are inexpensive to buy and can be customised to your wedding colours – make them as cute, vintage or glitzy as you like. Have them cello wrapped with a thank you tag or personalised with your guests names and then they double up as a place marker. If you want to add a really unique touch to your wedding day have them decorated with sugar flowers and incorporate them into your table centres. Order them here

Sweetie Rolls

These pretty mint wedding favours are customisable and can be found on Etsy. With a little bit of crafty skill they could inspire a DIY option using any sweets in a roll (I’m thinking Rolo’s – yum!)


I love these adorable little books with their rustic style pencil. Both are available from confetti and quite reasonably priced. Check out this blog for a showcase of tons of different wedding favour bit and bobs and how to put them together to create your own unique big day finishing touches.


Wedding favour scented personalised candles from Not On The High Street a really elegant and luxury option but with a price tag to match – may be best suited to a smaller number of wedding guests.

Sweetie Jars

Easily customisable and a great DIY option, sweetie jars are brill for creating a personal wedding favour. 
Add a name tag and these jazzies in glass jars could also double up as a place marker. 
 Fill them up with whatever you fancy (how about your own personalised m&ms

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Exceptionally Easy Chocolate Cheesecake (no baking required)

A very rare thing happened the other day, my lovely wife ventured into the kitchen and offered to help me with my baking backlog – not to make me a brew and not to load or unload the dishwasher – to actually help bake! Knowing how much she hates doing anything with food other than eating it, I was totally gob-smacked and supremely grateful. So, mindful of her ability and knowledge I asked her to prepare the biscuits for the tiffin and I gave her a rolling pin, three packets of rich tea and a huge bowl but unfortunately no instructions. Stupid, stupid me. Before I knew it the biscuits were mere crumbs and my wife had a huge grin ‘I really enjoyed that’ she said – I went nuts – I couldn’t stay calm – I had so much left to bake, no biscuits left and tiffin is my bestseller. I, not very calmly, explained that the reason I was so cross was that tiffin needs biscuits to be broken into small pieces, like almond size, not crumbs and my poor, much better half’s face just crumpled. The more upset she got the more of an arse I felt. Especially when she explained that she’d seen our son do the very same thing a few days ago so she was just copying – bless – he was helping me make cheesecake! Trying to rescue the situation (and the biscuits) I promised that I would make something lovely with the crumbs and that her hard work wasn’t in vain and I wasn’t really cross! Much! 

Really, the best option when you have spare biscuit crumbs and a sad wife is cheesecake, chocolate cheesecake. so that’s what I made and wow was it yummy!

The Recipe

The Base

200g Biscuit crumbs – I had rich tea but I usually use digestives and you can use shortbread
2 tbsp cocoa
1 tbsp icing sugar
150g melted butter

Mix all together in this order and press into a cling film lined  8″ loose bottom cake or flan tin and freeze while you make filling.

The Filling

400g softened full fat cream cheese
1 tbsp icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla 
200g melted chocolate – I used half milk and half plain
Mix all together in this order and spread over the base. freeze for 30 mins (you should be able to remove the cheesecake safely from the tin at this point) and then chill for another 30 mins or until ready to eat.

 Before freezing I topped my cheesecake with some of my left over Tiffin chocolate fudge mixture but you could use any chocolate glaze or ganache – something that sets enough to cut cleanly but not too much to not cut well.   

Then eat … Enjoy. 

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Simple Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies

Today we’ve had our light and summery roast chicken salad tea alfresco. It was delicious and we were feeling very virtuous

Roast chicken and mustardy low fat potato salad

 but a few hours later, well 1 hour later, we all wanted some pudding! What do you make when you’ve not much time, using only what you’ve got in and you need to satisfy that need for something naughty … Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownies of course – easy, quick(ish) and deeply satisying. 

I had a quick look on Pinterest well to be honest I was already on there, when am I not!?  I’d already pinned this stunning looking brownie recipe 

One Bowl Brownies | Jen's Favorite Cookies
Fab recipe from Jen’s Favourite Cookies

 and it seemed to fit the bill perfectly – no need to weigh anything coz its all measured using cups and it all goes into one bowl – simples. I tweaked the recipe a little bit – swapped out 2 tbsp of flour for cocoa and i swirled 4oz of softened cream cheese on top because DS had eaten all the chocolate spread. 
It came out of the oven looking so lovely I had to pictures to show you! DS was not impressed at having to wait for his naughty treat to have a photo shoot before he could taste it and was quite vocal .. bless !

my version – delish!

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Had a great Saturday selling DelliPops and cakes in Benllech. This week we’d made the usual bestsellers –  ‘William’s Groom Cake’ and ‘diabetic friendly’ fruitcake as well as a variety of muffins and some really yummy chocolate fudge cakes. The most fun to sell though were the pupcakes – especially when the owners let the doggies eat them at the stall – its so cute seeing them sit up and beg or shake paws!

Its been a brilliant week – I’ve started supplying cakes and pops to my very favourite hotel – The Bulkeley in Beaumaris and I’m chuffed to bits about it! Delivering my cakes yesterday I felt like a proud mummy – silly but true! The Bulkeley have also asked if I’d like to be the wedding cake supplier at their wedding fair in October. I would absolutely love to do it and I’m sure it would be great for the business but bloomin heck its a bit pricier than the venues we used to do back in Crewe. It feels like a ‘must do’ though since that’s where we got married! Whats that saying .. speculate to accumulate?

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An Interesting Idea?

We had a great day of sales on the stall on Saturday. Requests for next week so far are for a whole diabetic friendly fruit cake rather than just slices – lots of holiday makers staying for a week or two want to have a cake for the duration. And I need to double up on ‘Will’s Groom Cake’ portions – it all sold out by 10am!

 Almost every other customer had a dog and as an excuse for a canine cuddle I was feeding them little titbits of oat muffins so next week I’m going to have some kind of cakey treat that’s healthy for our four-legged friends. I just need to get researching now all I know is that they can’t have raisins, grapes or normal chocolate. Time to get experimenting!

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